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April 27, 2016

Rachel Salway, owner of the ethical fashion store Roseannah in Orchard Square has started a campaign to raise awareness about trafficking and modern day slavery. After hearing shocking stories from previous victims of trafficking, Rachel developed the ‘Not For Sale’ Campaign as a way of drawing attention to the plight of these women.

After one particular case in which a victim named Jane, who had been trafficked once before, was taken from her home and trafficked once again, she created the ‘Not For Sale’ campaign. The campaigns main aim is to highlight the fact that, not only is trafficking still an issue but it is something that happens closer to home than we might actually think.

The overall goal is to expand resources and take on more volunteers in order to make sure that victims of trafficking receive help, counselling and work opportunities. ‘’By raising more money, we can help these women overcome their harrowing experiences and make a life for themselves’’ said Ms. Salway       

‘’Counselling and work opportunities will equip them with the tools to work through their personal experiences and we will be able to provide a network for them.’’

 Using crowd funding as her main source of fundraising will hopefully gain enough financial support to help these poor, vulnerable women like Jane. Another platform in the campaign is to challenge the fact that victims of trafficking receive only 60 days of Government funded support. After this, the women are left to fend for themselves in a country that they may not know anything about, and have never been to before making them feel even more isolated.

The campaign aims to make sure that women all over the UK have a place to contact if they have been a victim of trafficking, or feel that they are at risk of it occurring. It is hoped that by gaining enough donations there will be a place these women can go to, to meet other victims, take part in activities and began to rebuild their lives. or

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