GameCity Adventures: City-wide Adventure runs across Sheffield on 23rd and 24th October

October 19, 2021

National Videogame Museum will be running a free adventure trail across Sheffield City Centre, which will see people across the city take part in games and activities at venues such as the Treehouse Boardgame Cafe and the Millennium Gallery.

Sheffield 1200 06/10/2021

  • Time: Saturday 23rd October, 11am – 5pm and Sunday 24th October, 11am – 4pm.
  • Location: All over Sheffield city centre! From Treehouse Boardgame Cafe, to the Millennium Galleries, to Orchard Square and many more.
  • Cost: Free for all. Players are encouraged to sign up to our Eventbrite to ensure they can take part.
  • Register here:

The Missing Minute: Time Leak

A free-to-play adventure for the whole family.

“Sheffield is running out of time!

Can you repair the clock and save the city?”

Sheffield Town Hall Clock Tower is 5 minutes ahead of the rest of the world.

124 years of being ahead has created a rift – a time leak across the city.

Time from other worlds are leaking through the shiny surfaces of the city and muddling with our own. Strange things are happening.

Sheffield’s finest clockmaker needs your help to put it right!

GameCity Adventures is a free, outdoor family-friendly Adventure Trail happening this month in Sheffield City Centre, run by the National Videogame Museum.

On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October, in public spaces, museums, cafes and independent retailers, there will be a whole bunch of games and activities for people to take part in. The adventure trial is an accessible experience for visitors to move through the City Centre discovering new experiences to play in different venues and locations. Players will collect a ‘playsheet’ from a mix of outdoor central locations and indoor venues, which encourages them to visit and search specific areas and then play a variety of activities.

At each location, successful players will receive a ‘second’ that will help heal Sheffield’s Time Rift. Once players have completed 5 different challenges across the city centre, they will be asked to present their seconds to the Sheffield Clockmaker at a hidden venue in the City Centre. Once presented, the players will have completed their trail, and helped mend the rift in time!

Across Sheffield, there will be over a dozen individual game sites, each with a custom activity ranging from accessible analogue games, collections of clues, and custom-made videogames created exclusively for this event.

Participating venues will include:

  • The Millennium Gallery
  • Sheffield Cathedral
  • Treehouse Boardgame Cafe
  • The Showroom Workstation
  • DINA
  • Orchard Square
  • And lots more to be announced soon.

In order to take part in the adventure trail, players are asked to sign up on Eventbrite. Signing up will give players details on how to get started, including where they can pick up their free game map and playsheet during the weekend.

Sign up on Eventbrite: