Local Artist Creates 50ft Public Art Mural

December 31, 2020

To spread some much needed sunshine into 2020, Orchard Square Shopping Centre commissioned a vast public art project. Created by Sheffield resident and artist Will Rea, the project was completed shortly before lockdown but only fully revealed to the Sheffield community in the summer of 2020.

The centre is a unique place to shop, and now also delights the public with a 50-foot wall of colour and design.

Nicola Blake, who commissioned the artist for the property owner, LAP, states, “It was a long time in the making and just as Will put down his paint brush we headed into national lockdown. The work was inspired by the artists interpretation of the city and what emotions it evoked in him and is there to be enjoyed by the people of Sheffield.”

Whilst in lockdown film maker and friend to the artist, Andrew Bainbridge, has created a playful ‘making of’ edit of the mural’s creation. It captures the magnitude of the task, the challenges but ultimately the impact of the finished work.

The minute-long film can be seen here: Orchard Square You Tube