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May 3, 2016

A fashion show is being held in Orchard Square, Sheffield to raise funds for women who have been victims of human trafficking. The ‘Fashion, Style and Culture show’ taking place on Thursday 5th May at Roseannah, Orchard Square Shopping Centre, will be aimed at not only raising money for those affected but also educating people on the dangers that these women face.

Rachel Salway, owner of the ethical fashion business Roseannah, is the organiser of the event. After a woman known simply as ‘Jane’ who she had previously aided, was again a victim of human trafficking, Ms.Salway decided to organise a campaign to raise money for those that were being affected or had been affected by trafficking.

The ‘Stop the Traffick!’ campaign has been a monumental success; with social media users and the general public supporting Ms.Salways campaign against human trafficking. With her crowd-funding campaign already helping to raise money for victims, the fashion show will be aimed at raising even more donations as well as educating the public on what happens to trafficking victims.

One of the other aims of the fashion event is to increase awareness of the lives of those that have been affected by trafficking. Ms.Salway’s goal is to emphasise the fact that these women receive only limited help from the government as she said ‘the government only funds sixty days of care for these women, after that they are left to fend for themselves without any aid.’

The money raised from the fashion show will go towards setting up a service that will allow women that have been affected by trafficking to receive; crucial support, the chance to meet fellow survivors of trafficking and a way of gaining access to skills, training and employment opportunities. As the campaign goes from strength to strength it is hoped that victims of human trafficking can be given more help and support as they continue their journey to recovery.


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