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December 2, 2016

Roseannah, the ethical clothing, jewellery and accessories brand, celebrated one of its first shops birthday this week with special celebrations in the boutique at Orchard Square Shopping Centre. The celebration invited members of the public, those involved in the business and those who have been helped by the frequent fundraising efforts of the business to stop modern day slavery, to come in, see what the business does and celebrate with a toast to the business.

Rachel Salway first started Roseannah three years ago, after visiting both India and Africa. Upon visiting the two places, Rachel felt more must be done to help those that were suffering from poverty, disease and famine. Rachel started to work with organisations that were not only empowering workers by providing a fair wage, but who were helping marginalised people groups, including windows and orphans and providing necessary food, shelter and schooling.

With the help of the ReNew Sheffield project which is supported by Sheffield City Council and Sheffield BID, along with both Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield and Wake Smith Solicitors, Rachel was able to open a boutique in the heart of the city centre at Orchard Square shopping centre.

Congratulations Roseannah!